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Message Subject WOAH MAN!!!! Swapping Guns for groceries in US report in Aus 27/12/12........
Poster Handle Quanta
Post Content
Here on the Gold Coast I can go out after dark [unarmed] without fear.

Dear CP.. as u know......


I lived and worked in the states '88-'90 so I've seen it from the inside. Had fun with [hand] guns during lunch hour out in the sticks of Virginia. When I lived in LA you could hear the "pops" at new years eve and thought twice about being outdoors.
Back here in OZ a few years later we got our guns took away but mostly they were rifles 'cause hand guns never really were in vogue. In fact gun culture was almost non existent so it wasn't no big deal getting "disarmed"

But of course if you want a gun of any variety.. a whisper and a fist full of dollars will satiate that desire but most of us live on the coast and a gun is something you keep in your quiver of surfboards. Most Ozians admire our yankee cousins but at the same time consider the country half nuts.

And it makes my blood boil when I hear Merka is "the greatest country in the world" shouted from the hill tops and city blocks... Town squares. The freedom and liberty yo'll proclaim is yours and yours ALONE is naught but hot air and wind from a nation with it's nose pressed up against the glass of a 36 inch TV screen.

The great dream and the wild frontier are long gone like the buffalo and wagon.. YET you persist in the false doctrine that the gun will protect and any amount of persuasion otherwise draws hackles of outrage and condemnation especially to any god danged 'ferner' who would dare to question, what; in the civilised world, is considered as outdated as is the muscat and the flint.

I might add. Gun control came to us some 16 year ago. I note most Ozians are not behind bars nor are we less free than thee. ;)

I trust my comments will be considered civil.

Thank you.
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