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The Rambo Chip

Unwashed Infant
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12/27/2012 02:38 AM
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The Rambo Chip
Hi everyone!

This post is about implants related to mind control. Specifically does anyone have any information about the implant that was a product of the Vietnam war known as 'The Rambo Chip'. Apparently this implant is a 'seed and forget' type with an autonomous unfolding activation pattern. The person who is implanted with it is progressively programmed by a series of stepwise activated instructions at which point the final mode "berserk" is set off.

This type of chip, if used on a normal person, can apparently cause them to end up carrying out a Rambo type mission in which they go on a shooting spree or something of that nature. The stepwise activations released by the chip superdrive, and overlay motor commands into the higher order levels of the brain, later to be triggered by 'berserk' and initiated by central command then down to the motor cortex of the brain. This is why it doesn't matter if the person has never held a weapon or got in a fight in their life.

If anyone has any information or leads, please let me know.

Help stop the madness.