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holy shit, homeland's brody is just like bin laden

User ID: 17020061
United States
12/27/2012 03:38 AM
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holy shit, homeland's brody is just like bin laden
Brody from the show Homeland and Osama bin laden have connections. Here are their connections.

Fought in a war in the middle east. Joined a "terrorist" group. Learned that the U.S government in top secrecy had been killing innocent civilians in the middle east with airstrikes. Converted to Islam completely. Was Affiliated or worked with the C.I.A as a double agent witin "al-qaeda" - a C.I.A terrorist organization which was a direct back fire of the airstrikes. Betrayed and framed as a terrorist after a VIDEO was released to the public, in which he claimed that the real terrorism is at home ( U.S ). Had war crime information on the Vice President/government official. Was ordered to be captured dead or alive by the head director of the C.I.A (real life G. Bush sr.).