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What a Galaxy being born looks like.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/27/2012 08:28 AM
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What a Galaxy being born looks like.
The big bangers will not allow this insight because they are obsessed with authority and money. Well, they are now obsolete. This is a short on what baby galaxies look like. Pictures are included. These things should not exist so close to us, and we should not be able to see them so young because the big bang created them out of nothing 13.7 billion years ago.

New galaxies are the places where hydrogen and helium are synthesized. We can see these giant clouds being expelled from the center of the birthing galaxies. Impossible you say? Well, do your eyes deceive you? Mainstream science wants you to believe your eyes are always lying to you. If they are always lying then how does one navigate to the toilet in times of emergency?

We must navigate to the dumpster and toss out big bang, do not use the green ones those are for recycling. They have been recycling this bull since the early 1900's. Throwing it away is much more appropriate now.

New galaxies are born and die on a regular basis on time scales greater than our current collective understanding. The "scientist-priests" are wrong. The universe does not have an "age". These new galaxies completely override anything big bang related.

Therefore any theory that rests on big bang as the assumption is probably as wrong as any theory that rests on the assumption of the Earth being flat. It only works haphazardly on small scales. When you zoom out, it becomes more and more incorrect.

Have a great one. Oh and here's the short. I made it easy to read. I would rather it be a pop-up book though. [link to vixra.org]