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Message Subject I want to join illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do you for initiation have to scroll your left foot of trousers or something?
You cannot join them, you are born into it, they do not accept outsiders. There is no way to be accepted into the inner circle, you have to be blood. If you want to work for them there are plenty of jobs in the armed forces.
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I wish there was someone that was doing more than guessing. I want to know what the blood collecting ritual is actually about for once and for all, but I guess the answer is that when there are so many people taking advantage there really is no one answer because they all take what they need from it.
 Quoting: Anti Vortex


It is easier if you have a connection, as with anything.

It is not a matter if you are "born" into The Group, however, previous relationships are important.

Family, however, is important. It provides leverage. The more pressure points an individual has, the better.

Leverage may also include social standing and politics.

Singular skills with big-picture framed morality is of the up-most importance.

Politicians, military commanders, and federal agency commanders are the base of the pyramid. Most employees do not know for whom they work. The ones that do tend to be either plants or a small and highly specialized group of operatives that can self-enforce. This may be said of any powerful and industrialized country.

Politicians: Facilitators to the general population in nations through the initial power of a military and maintained by Federal Agencies.

Military: Offensive forward to others that have not been facilitated in nations so the Politicians may be installed.

Federal Agencies: Defensive forward to the general population in nations so the Politicians may facilitate.


The blood collection, in the past, was purely symbolic - as is commonly known. What is not known is that the blood collection ritual is/was the very last step for final induction. This is still done for the sake of symbolism, but it has been updated.

Currently, blood types, genotype, hair samples, semen samples, ovum samples, skin samples (throughout the body), nail samples, saliva samples, mucus samples, intestinal samples, lung samples, fingerprints, footprints, palm-prints, facial imaging, eye-prints, dental prints, and finally a bone image are all required. This is done in order to guarantee that an individual will play their correct part within The Group, even if they have decided to cut all ties.

Essentially, the individual is tortured to a physical and mental breaking point, and beyond. This is done to:

1. Complete all requirements of sample.

2. Terrorize the individual to understand what exactly will happen to both them and their family should an order be disobeyed.

3. To drive home the "open secret" nature of The Group.

4. To foster the collective nature of The Group and repress the need for false individuality.

5. To impress upon the individual's masters that they are implicitly trusted.

6. To reinforce amongst The Group that all must go through this, regardless of standing (this is the basis for the bond).

7. To reinforce amongst The Group that all is theatre. There is only the bond and its rules to comply. Nothing else.

8. To vet all hidden information in the life of an individual.

9. To confirm that the vetting process does not contradict previous information initially given.

10. To justifiability eliminate individuals that are deemed unfit.

11. To impress upon the individual the importance of secrecy and the only logical outcome in breaking this rule.

12. To prove to the individual through 8-11 that no secrets may ever be kept from The Group.

As an aside, there is always an extra during initiation. That is to say, initiations are always done within small groups. The terror of watching others before anothers turn cannot be underestimated.

This means that each group requires a "patsy". An individual that has been chosen for their extreme want to belong, but with no connections or singular useful skill. This individual will be eliminated at the end, slowly, by those who have been selected to join The Group in various ways. The prolonged elimination done by a broken group for their own survival at the exacting instructions of their masters is, in modern times, recorded as final leverage. This can be done in a number of different settings, different props, and different physical actions.

A secondary lesson of the "Patsy Elimination" is to show the inherent nature of the bait. The bait, or "patsy", is a common theme of change and control within The Group. It does not matter who or how many there are, but rather that the nature of the bait for the final ends is both justified and rational.
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