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Message Subject I want to join illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The blood ceremony is actually really tedious and long. Think church but with people trying to make it spookier.
 Quoting: Anti Vortex

Agreed, but necessary nonetheless.
 Quoting: 535 1326993

I was drugged out of my mind for it, so whatever was necessary is lost on me.
 Quoting: Anti Vortex

That is doubtful as a full test is done to all, including masters, before the ceremony. After the ceremony is a different matter as many approved drugs are available for consumption.
 Quoting: 535 1326993

Tell that to the bitch growing datura in her garden that brought me. I was high 90% of the time I was with her. That day was no different than any other.
Sober I'm a bit less obedient :)

Oh and we were running through our places and getting the stupid robes on before. There was no test that I recall.

edited to add:

Seriously though, anyone that's ever known me when I was with her and then met me when I was without was usually offended that I didn't recognize them or acted differently. I wasn't aware of a damn thing at the time. But it is what it is. I've already sent out my "I'm sorry I don't remember you" apology to the world. There's not much else I can do.
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