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Message Subject I want to join illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is immortal part of us that belongs to universe-God's spirit within us that noone can take away.hf
The brotherhood wrote the Bible which happens to be partially my ancestors. The Vatican is where the Pope is as head Peter of the Catholic Religion. This is part of the brotherhood tree and a large branch at that.

Only you can cause your soul to flee or be suppressed in hell which is your flesh. The facts are most people do not know their soul because they live like this

:Inverted Cross:

instead of like this

:pentagarm christ:

Illuminati probably wrote the Bible and we all know vatican is involved too.So all that story with soul are stories for lil kids.How can anyone take your soul?

Did you have to sell your soul?
 Quoting: daisey

No, you have to find it and use it. Have you met your soul yet?
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

 Quoting: Miss_Anonymous

 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV
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