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Message Subject I want to join illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Anonymous, Wrote a poem for New Years Eve, Thought Id share it here with a few...


She who weeps for me, is she who wept at the Northern Gate...
The Lords house echoed with her tears,
and her passions inflamed with sorrows at my untimely death

Oh Tammuz ! My Lord ! she had cried.
As surely the Sun comes up , you will be remembered !

As surely as the wild boar devours its prey,
you will not be forgotten
As surely as I can mourn or weep in the high hills.
I will awaken and offer you wine and meat and the smell of sweet incense !

Our Lord has Risen in the East, and the cakes too have arose with sweet flavor..
Taste it my love, for the bread is your body and the wine is your blood !

And the women no longer wept at the Northern Gate..
For their Lord had Risen in the East, and preceding it, the Morning Star


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