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Message Subject I want to join illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I knew it!I heared it is so!Unfortunatly I had that misfortune to be born as female in this life so I can not join.Oh well I guess I'll have to stick to baking biscuits then.hf
Me myself plan to spend less time online and more doing something constructive as learning some foreign language or something.So very true from too much comp you get headache better to do some sports.Much luck.Take care.hf
BTW, I miss you all, But Im in quiet retreat to de-stress. And to re-charge.
I will hardly be here for a few, if at all. Im still deciding.

Take care...

With Love,

 Quoting: Miss_Anonymous

You cannot join the Freemasons because you are a female and must be male. There are some lodges that do accept females but are considered clandestine and are not recognized by the main body of masonry.

You can join the Order Of Eastern Star which is the recognized female masonic body but you must be related to a mason to join.
If you have any questions about Freemasonry I would be glad to answer. I am a 32nd degree mason, Knight Templar, and High Priest of a chapter of Royal Arch Masons.
 Quoting: AAONMS 20601586
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