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America a kingdom soon divided! (Fiscal cliff and gun ban)


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United States
12/27/2012 04:00 PM

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America a kingdom soon divided! (Fiscal cliff and gun ban)
We are on the same crash course Israel was in the bible right before it divided into a northern and southern kingdom

Story made short..the king made the taxes so high that the people refused to pay them and the kingdom divided into 2 kingdoms, the northern kingdom(lost 10 tribes) and the southern kingdom Judah, benjamin.

History will repeat itself

Jesus himself said a kingdom divided will not stand. And we know from what happened when Israel divided that the enemy came and took the northern kingdom into captivity as slaves, while the southern kingdom just looked on, then shortly later another enemy came and took the southern kingdom into captivity as slaves. (Divide and conquer)

The United States between high taxes and gun laws is about to divide into 2 kingdoms

The kingdom divided will soon fall!!

Somebody pray for the country!(Oh wait that's almost against the law in this country.)

-Heed the warning or endure the mourning
Favor ain't fair

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