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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Revo/elation
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Some encouragement indeed needed. Been fighting for a long time. The reference to the book "Enders game" I have asked God a lot the why's to the point it seems cruel. Also great spiritual warfare. And prayers specifically for two angels. Two weeks ago this prayers saved my daughters life in car accident. I turned 44 last month. Many things in your account seem to be very intent on specifics relating to my spiritual walk.

The account is well told and remarkably similar to other accounts in heaven description. My question is if you have any knowledge of events now that you are revealed memory? And have you studied doctrine re: the catching away'. Your account seems to imply a period of time after the world changing event and then another some time after. Can you be more specific?
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