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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Marisol
Post Content
I am the AC who posted the vision on the other site.

I did so because I was blanket banned from this site over chritmas, and my first thought was to post it here once it all came flooding back.

I posted it at the other sight because I didnt have any other choice.

The ban was lifted today, so now I have the opportunity for the next two and a half hours,(I have to go somewhere soon) I will answer any questions you might have and give more details of the vision. I am remembering more and more as time passes like a blinder had been lifted from my eyes.

I am free to share and encourge.

I know a lot of you have questions and want further details so feel free to ask away.

Btw before you ask...I will not condemn anyone to hell...nor will I judge anyone..or belittle anyone. I am here to encourage and to strengthen..not frighten and pull down.

I have much truth to tell..and the truth is still the truth even if you dont beleive it.

The time for doctrines and strivings is over.

The world is barrelling headlong now into an abyss...now is the time to encourage eachother and speak light to eachother..not condemnation and darkness.

In the year ahead we will need all the love and light we can glean.

So while the sun still shines...lets make hay.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16356492

Hello AC,

First, Happy Birthdays!!! You have a 2-fer! A physical and a spiritual birthday. Your account is very interesting but, did this all just impact you now because of your recall or did it actually send you off on a discovery of sorts in your life after the experience? I'm not really clear on that part.

You say time for doctrines and strivings is over. I agree that humanity is at a crossroads where each person will individually have to decide, for better or for worse, what he/she believes in. Our "mustard" is about to be tested royally, on so many levels. Those who confide in the status quo are in for a rude awakening. Lives will change in a moment and from what I can tell, you just got a major nudge; as most of us will in a very near future. You are so right about love and light; it is what will ultimately prove to be more valuable than anything else a person can hope to have. It is the like salt that gives flavor to life; it may not shorten the journey but it gives so much comfort, the confidence to continue on.

Real love is unconditional, selfless, hopeful and generous which are the elements seriously lacking in the lives of so many. From the comments I've read here there is a "tasteless" lot out there who cannot give what they have not sought to cultivate. Love is something each person will have to put out and act upon. It is true sometimes it takes a while before the receiving part kicks in but, when it happens, it is both wonderful and life altering. I'm glad you had an encounter with the Light; for me he is Jesus. I wish you the best on your journey - don't worry about not reaching 50. You may very well be translated to the place and time when you will meet Him once again. By then everything will be fine; your spirit will be full and renewed.
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