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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The author claims that he/she presently wants nothing to do with religion:

Then why is the story filled with religious/biblical undertones & references????

- 2013 to 2020 = 7 Year Period, gee where did that come from?
- Reference to Moses flood at the end
- Reference to 'God' or the Creator as 'Lord'.
- Harvest/Rapture like event at the end

Why would someone who calls christians 'hypocrites' and says he/she wants nothing to do with religion write a story with multiple references that come directly from christianity & the bible? Why would someone make multiple references to christianity/bible and claim that the 'Lord' was a 6 foot tall medium build male with white hair when the bible contradicts this by saying that 'God' is LIGHT and that no man shall see the face of 'God'???? How's that for a contradiction?

The author of this message was also alleged to have written this follow up on another forum:

So there's 'no warning', no 'predicting it', no 'prophet' will warn of it, and 'no one will know', yet the author is sitting here telling us this will happen in a few weeks while his/her own story directly contradicts this account by telling us there will be no messenger, no warning, no prophet telling us of these events. That's weird huh?

I find it comical how the introduction to the story is meant to touch on all the various belief systems - mentioning atheists, new agers, christians, and the likes of other religions. Almost as if to intentionally eliminate suspicion of bias in advance of the story. To appease to a larger audience right?

Couple this in with the fact that you've got 3 different anonymous australian AC's posting this same story on the same day and one of which is embellishing the account by adding phrases like "I've never seen anything like it" (yeah right) and encouraging others to post this vision elsewhere.

Sorry but this has all the ingredients for being Grade A:


People, no divinely inspired vision/message is going to be told or relayed in this contradictory manner and it's certainly not going to contain any elements designed to generate a fear response within you. The follow up message contains phrases such as:

'terrifying abyss'
'milllions dying, war, death'
'devastating, permanent end of western civilization'
'world shaking'
'sudden and shocking'

All of this bullshit is designed to play on your emotions and generate anxiety/fear and make the story seem more sensational and thus, believable. Funny how this story is being posted on multiple conspiracy forums and by multiple users from the same location.

Words of advice:

- Do not allow yourselves to be easily swayed or manipulated by your emotions during these trying times because people will seek to test you like this, especially online.

- Do not listen to anyone who tells you what will happen in the future and gives you exact dates/years. No one knows this information, whether they claim to have had a dream, a vision, or to be psychic - NO ONE KNOWS because the future is not written in stone and is currently being created in the PRESENT moment!

- Do not listen to anyone who acts as a prophet while also telling you there will be no prophet (MAJOR RED FLAG)

Finally: Recommend unpin this B.S.


/end rant


Nicely worded Anhedonic

Plus he Throws in a self-righteous (and christian) dig about 30 million abortions being the reason so many children were running around in heaven.
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