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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am the AC who posted the vision on the other site.

I did so because I was blanket banned from this site over chritmas, and my first thought was to post it here once it all came flooding back.

I posted it at the other sight because I didnt have any other choice.

The ban was lifted today, so now I have the opportunity for the next two and a half hours,(I have to go somewhere soon) I will answer any questions you might have and give more details of the vision. I am remembering more and more as time passes like a blinder had been lifted from my eyes.

I am free to share and encourge.

I know a lot of you have questions and want further details so feel free to ask away.

Btw before you ask...I will not condemn anyone to hell...nor will I judge anyone..or belittle anyone. I am here to encourage and to strengthen..not frighten and pull down.

I have much truth to tell..and the truth is still the truth even if you dont beleive it.

The time for doctrines and strivings is over.

The world is barrelling headlong now into an abyss...now is the time to encourage eachother and speak light to eachother..not condemnation and darkness.

In the year ahead we will need all the love and light we can glean.

So while the sun still shines...lets make hay.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16356492

Hello Sir.

Recently, The LORD came to comfort me after I came to some conclusions, regarding how the evil one works.. The evil one works like a snake, which is able to weave in and out while one is having considerations.

As we consider, ideas are pitched by our inner voice or sub-conscious to us while we think things over. Often times these ideas all seem like they are our own, however I have concluded 'that snake' is pitching those ideas often times, while The LORD is there too - similar to the concept of The LORD is at the cross(roads), because in the end, The LORD gave us men free will, but He wants us to turn from sin and choose Him instead of continuing down the road of sin.

Anyway so by putting this concept to the test, I often time use a iPhone 5 analogy - a young person walking with a new iPhone 5... (is often enough to bring in the snake, to pitch bad ideas) but most people are not sensitive enough to realize this, as they think it is their own thinking.

When they go to check, yes, of course it is only them-self in their mind - and there in lays the secret - the evil one is gone, and said victim is left holding the bag. The wages of sin is death. Even an atheist could step outside, and consider robbing someone - and they will notice these types of thoughts being pitched. It is a crime to go even this far, it is called "laying in wait" and is usually tied to a murder crime.

So by understanding all these things, I told my self "thats it! I figured it out! Thats how the evil one works!!"

But what happened next scared the SHIT out of me: my 'inner voice' responded to this thought, and said "oh ya?? So what are you gonna do about it..."

This was actually not my inner voice, as this voice sounded like mine, but when it said THAT, I knew who it really was, as he said it really mean and in such away as to be upset that I had found him out.

I only had one choice and so I replied in thought "I rebuke you in the name of the Living GOD" and that is when The LORD came to comfort me:

Instantly while sitting at my computer having these these thoughts, as soon as I rebuked the evil one, suddenly I was blinded by white. Not white like what we perceive, but the most pure unfathomable whitem, in all direction. I couldn't see anything like as if my eyes were closed.

Suddenly I felt overwhelmed in feeling, but not sure what, because it was joy and happyness and comforting, but not like how those feelings are on earth, and then I heard HIM: (verbatim:) You are to call me LORD.. or The LORD..... ..You need to bring people to Me..

Holy shit.... It was The LORD!!!!! He drove out the enemy and came to comfort me!! He then told me I need to bring people to Him!!

It felt like suddenly, your best friend who you haven't seen in 20yrs had just turned in the chair next to you, and paid you a visit but for only 2 minutes!! I still could see nothing except the most pure white in all direction.

I squandered the opportunity and asked in thought "what about current events" (like america and the middle east) and He said "..wait and see.."

Afterwords, I realized it was HIM all long who was there, step by step helping me along with my computer project, keeping me on task each step of the way, and that The LORD really is with you - always. Even if it seems like He is not.

So I have my orders, you know what I must do now, as I have been instructed by The LORD to Bring people to HIM.

This all happened randomly about 3weeks ago, and I am trying to bring people to Him.
 Quoting: nwo_watcher_911

Very meaningful post! Thx U for sharing
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