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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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You have to hunt through it, but OP posted here as well:
Thread: Lady taken to heaven, saw many, including John Wayne, Whitney Houston, and Elvis Presley!

The MAIN way of getting ready is FORGIVE anyone who has ever wronged you..just let it GO.

THIS is the most important thing.

The second most important is be ready to die..in every way. By this I mean..live each day from now on as if you KNEW it was your final day on earth.

It COULD BE..and very soon..WILL be.

Thirdly...never let anger get to you...if someone hurts you..yes..it hurts..but let it flow PAST you..DONT let it nest.

YOu cant stop birds from crapping on your head..but you CAN stop them nesting on it.

Fourth..TRUST..KNOW DEEP DOWN..that NOTHING happens for NOTHING..every event in your life HAS A GOOD REASON..if it didnt..it would not happen would it?

GOD is in ultimate CONTROL: of EVERY ATOM...and your hairs have serial numbers as it were..so DONT WORRY about ANYTHING...

Fifth...WE ALL LIVE happilly ever after..NO ONE DIES...no one ever will..our bodies do..but when all is said and done our bodies are just well arranged mud..ON LOAN..for a short time.

sixth...when things get tough..stop and think.."WILL I give a rats in 1000 years from now?"

You wont..so it does NOT matter.

Lastly...if you feel led to get some food and water together then DO IT..if you are NOT led..then DONT.

never go AGAINST an inner prompting..it will soon mean the difference between life and death.

Many will get food together and "PREP"..having not been TOLD to..and its these same PREPS which will lead to their early departure..for they will be slowed down by them or killed FOR them.

If you are told to prep..then PREP..but ONLY what you can carry...being mobile in the days ahead is VITAL..for there will be NO continuoulsy STABLE place to sit and wait..UNLESS its a specific place you have been led to to be protected.

Also..be ready to be dealing with angels...in the days ahead they will be a rather common sight.

Mostly messengers..but yu will see warriors as well.

DO as they instruct..to the letter..and feel free to test them at every occasion..they HONOUR this..it shows courage and wisdom..they respect these qualities. Never be afraid to ask then if jesus came in the flesh. because there will be many spies that LOOK like them..and if not exposed will cause much confusion.

There will come many times when followers will be asked to go somewhere that WILL lead to their death..for a particular mission or purpose...DONT hesitate..because always remember..each mission accomplished..even unto death..means another soul saved...and no greater love has anyone than to lay down their life for another.

COURAGE is what is needed in the days ahead..PURE TRUST...and if ya die on your mission..its only destiny..and WHAT an utterly fantastic reward awaits those who do so.
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