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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle OP
Post Content
We should focus on the message, not the messenger.

The message is that time is short and will be accelerating. So much so that the events to come will be so sudden and shocking that,, thoughtful reflection and preparation might give way to focusing on the events themselves. Panic creates fertile ground for ignoring our spiritual state to have our faith corrupted into following those who would have us believe in false prophets who corrupt the Biblical teachings. Those who would have us believe we are judged by our personal standards of right and wrong rather than His word.

Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love you neighbor as yourself. Many don't realize that loving your neighbor as yourself also appears in the Old Testament. The path begins with forgiveness.

Why do I believe the OP? For one , mid next year as a time reference. No vision or dream for me. But an overwhelming sense.

Come to.peace with yourself and others.
 Quoting: Major Jim

OP here.

Yes its all about the message.

FORGET about me.

I am not important nor do I wish to be.

Someone said I am being TOO humble. Well perhaps I have to be.

I cant explain it really except to say my mission involves NOT being known. Its vital NO one knows me or follows me.

I DONT want fame or attention or money.

I HATE the things of this world..this world is PASSING AWAY..as are fame and fortune and attention.

Get this now and GET IT WELL...

FOCUS on the message.

LOVE..FORGIVE...always forgive.

I dont care if you are christian or calathumpian or whatever..IF you can TRY to forgive..to LEARN to FORGIVE...or at least be willing to learn it..JESUS WILL come in..he IS forgiveness..HE DWELLS in forgiveness..HE DIED for FORGIVENESS SAKE....TO FORGIVE YOU ALL.


HE EARNT that title..he IS the ONLY one worthy to wear it.

HE and the Father ARE one..one in mind..one in purpose..one in mission and one in goals.

If you have seen the Son..you HAVE seen the Father.

They are the same...if the SON is forgiveness..compassion..MERCY..THEN so is the FATHER.

The Father is not some angry smiting wipe everything out ogre.

Thats what religion wants to make him out to be. Satan RUNS the religions of the world..the doctrines are mostly his.

Satan HATES LOVE..and utterly DESPISES forgiveness.

SO IF you REALLY want to get up satans nose..FORGIVE..its the BEST form of warfare you can ever do.

For where forgiveness resides..love grows..and where love grows..HATE dies..and if hate dies..satan has NO HOLD..and loses.
 Quoting: OP 19876858

You are no better than most manipulative gurus like J Z Knight.

End times doctrine (time is short, people will die, etc) coated in TONS of sweet sugary love to hide it. Always contradicting yourself (not religious but using religious doctrines, not new ager but using new age terms, saying people will call you a troll but in fact YOU call others trolls :p). Advocating humility and forgiveness, and yet subtly hinting that some people are better than others.

One of the most despicable things you posted was to almost make suicide appear "cute", whether you did it knowingly or not.

"15 years ago earth time you didnt want any part in that destiny..you kept trying to leave your body..small and frail as it was..you wanted to be here with me..your "Daddy" as you called me from the depths of your innocent infant spirit.

How I loved it..to hear you call me that. I am your "daddy"... I am everyones "Daddy" if only they would realise it..and through your final decision to return and live your life...many millions WILL."

I asked him..rather dumbfounded

"So..I died as an infant..willingly..died..JUST so I could be here with you?"

He said "Yes..twice you actually succeeded..and you tried many other times as well..before you managed to stop your own heart by an act of your will.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30697018

Suicide is not romantic like you depict it. It's a selfish act. A terrible one.

Sorry OP, no matter how much LOVE and FORGIVENESS and other big words you sprinkle your false teachings with, the ugliness of it will still be visible for all with eyes to see.

If you are so humble as you pretend, stop posting, and stop looking for attention here. All you do by playing make believe with the impressionable people here is implanting dangerous ideas in their minds, like it happens in so many cults. Your discourse is actually no different from them all, it's as clear as crystal. You use all the same trigger techniques. Fear, Hope, Fear, Love, Humility, Ego Trip, Fear, Forgiveness.

I still can't tell if you do all this willingly out of bore, or because you are deceived as hell, but in both cases, may we have pity for you for what you are doing. It's nothing to be proud of.

Like you said it, spreading the Truth is what matters. It's not what you are doing.

Look..I was a baby. I have NO memory of that event...only what the lord and my mother later told me when I was 19.

A babies natural want and need is to be with its parent.

I was three months premature.

I spent the first 4 months of my life covered in tubes and needles barley alive in a plastic box.

I was less than five pounds. And my mother was not alloed to even touch me at all for the first three months. The only warmth and human contact I had was proddings..needles..blood tests..that was my introduction to life.

Are you really surprised I wanted out?

I was an infant spirit..and I wanted my DAD.

And I got him.
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