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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
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Post Content
. I have NO memory of that event...only what the lord and my mother later told me when I was 19.

A babies natural want and need is to be with its parent.

I was three months premature.

I spent the first 4 months of my life covered in tubes and needles barley alive in a plastic box.

I was less than five pounds. And my mother was not alloed to even touch me at all for the first three months. The only warmth and human contact I had was proddings..needles..blood tests..that was my introduction to life.

Are you really surprised I wanted out?

I was an infant spirit..and I wanted my DAD.

And I got him.
 Quoting: OP 16434086

You can try to get away with this one as much you want. You have been seen for what you are by many people on here.

I don't care how you felt back then (like you remember it lol), all I care is WHAT YOU POST HERE and THE MESSAGE INSIDE.

And the message in that case is "suicide is almost cute, it's a way to go back to Daddy".

Next you'll hand us the kool aid.

You should be ashamed of playing with people's hopes and fears, manipulating them for your own pleasure because you are bored and looking for attention.

I'm still waiting for the moment you'll show us some divinely inspired wisdom. So far I only see magician's tricks to impress the crowd.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30697018

Divinley inspired wisdom?


You are deeply and incredibly loved. You too were created with a purpose. Your every thought and word and deed are known. You are not hated but loved beyond what you can imagine.

I understand why you say what you do, because not very long ago I too would have said the same thing, before the full memory of what hapenned to me took place, I was still in the darkness. I was still looking and still hurting and still trying my best to shoot down any attepmt at love because I hurt so much inside.

When you are angry or frustrated, you look for the worst in people. You automatically seek out ulterior motives. You long for love and want to forgive but you feel you never will have love or forgiveness because you just dont beleive anyone can really love you let alone God.

God is often portrayed as an egotistical savage beast set upon our demise and pain. You just cant reach out to a god who you are convinced is out to get you..

So anyone that comes along with real love and truth you just cant beleive its true.

So you attack..in pain..in pride..in ego..in spite..in any way you can to prove you are NOT loved and do in fact deserve what you are feeling and getting.

I know how much you hurt, and even though you will pull this post to peices too..as I too would have not very long ago..know that all it takes is a single moment..a revelation..of HOW much you are loved and valued and needed.

God was not joking when he created you. He knew you before you were born. You are incredibly useful to the Lord if you would but give him a chance to explain himself to you.

You dont have to explain yourself to him. he already KNOWS you..totally.

But..he wants..LONGS..to meet you..to love you..to hold you and to heal you.

AND..HE WILL...because you are one of his..and you just dont KNOW it yet. But he does.

Love always wins. Love covers a multitude of sin..and pain..and regret..and heals deep wounds and refreshes the spirit.

You can run from Him..but hide you cannot.

He has you..its just a matter of time.

I will see YOU on that sea of Glass.

I can gaurantee it.

And I know you will say I am assuming a lot of things about you.

If it were my words I just told you that would be true.

But you asked for divine truth and wisdom. And divine truth and wisdom is what I just gave you.

FROM the Spirit...NOT from me.

You are in fact doomed...to spend eternity in the most amazing Joy and Love. YOU just have not met Him yet.

But you will.

I will see you there.

Brother to be.
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