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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Why are we all peons and you get to sit at the King's knee?
 Quoting: DblTapViper

We are not. We were created with different colours, If were where all like God himself there would be no fun in it.

I once questioned this, It was something that troubled me because I couldn't get it out my head, did God create us because he wanted servants?, why does he create people he knows are doomed to fail?, does hell exist, how can he send anyone there.

He anwered me:

I'm not so good as putting into words what happened but will do my best. I was still up when the rest had gone to bed and started thinking about God, when I became overwhelmed with a feeling of not actually being where I was, very hard to explain, sorry and I know the next bit sounds like the rambling of a lunatic so I leave it upto what you think. I began to hear, not a voice in my head but a silent voice that I could understand, so hard to explain :) I then started feeling like I use to when I use to astral travel in my youth only I wasnt astral traveling. The vision or whatever you want to call it lasted a long time covering many aspects of my life and I understood much at the time that I have since forgotton. However trust me, God didn't create us to be servants, he created us to be family, friends, he created us out of love and he does indeed love us all. What I should say is God was showing me his own heart at the time, letting it pass though me. I asked God, why didn't you make us all perfect, I became aware of my own essence, my sense of humour, and questioning nature, one question that has always bugged me (how can the universe be infiant and how could time start if there wasn't time before it)came into my head. He asked me if i wanted the answer, but after feeling my essence and realising its all part of the FUN i said no to which he replied "its a good one isn't it, enjoy" Now God showed me someone I loved a fair bit, not someone really close but someone I had respect for and told me she wouldn't make it and would need to die, I became very angry and was shouting at God in my head I was so distressed, Don't you do that, Don't you do that I was yelling! He showed me why he must but then gave me the choice, I said it was better for him to make such choices and that I didn't want part of it. I couldn't do it and yet God will have to to many people he loves a great deal more than my love for this person. I wouldn't want to be God for all the gold in china! I then asked God if Hell was an actual place, to which he said do you want to send your friend there, I then felt my love for this person and realised the whole fire and brimstone, tortured forever was miss-interpertation and man made. I then became very tired and went to bed.
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