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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
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I care VERY much about what Jesus taught.

He taught mercy and forgiveness and compassion and love and character.
 Quoting: OP 16703143

And, yet, "the Jews" had him murdered for teaching mercy and forgiveness and compassion and love? (This is what many of the Pharisees taught, by the way, who you condemn.)

Does that make any sense to you?

That kind of demonization of the Jews is the very origin of the anti-Semitism that resulted in the slaughter of millions of Jews by Christians/Nazis over the past several hundreds of years.

He was murdered for the Doctrine that he taught.

Any other doctrinal 'explanation' for why Jesus was murdered--like the proto-Nazi Paul's doctrine of "vicarious atonement"--is a doctrine of Satan. (But you don't care about doctrine.)

You care NOTHING about the Doctrine of "resurrection"/'Rebirth'.

In fact, your attempts to publicize this 'vision' of yours is a determined effort to draw the attention of as many people as possible away from the Doctrine that Jesus taught.

And the replies on this thread demonstrate that you are being quite successful in your efforts.

"The path to destruction is wide."

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31026536

He was not murdered because of the "Doctrines" he taught.

He was murdered by them because of the doctrines THEY taught.

They always hated him because he kept showing them up in their hypocrisy.

He healed a woman on the sabbath..they ignored the mercy and compassion he showed her and straight away ponted out the "law" he broke.

They hated him because he did not SIDE with them in their endless keeping of the "LAws"..he exposed their hypocrisy and he did it publicly and thats why they hated him. They were losing their power and control over the people which is what "religion" and "Law" is all about.

They did not love God..they loved themselves..and their laws..and their money and their power.

jesus exposed that fault in them.

Thats why they killed him.
 Quoting: OP 17162909


And also..why are you so obsessed with ressurection/rebirth?

I have never said anything against it.

If you read my original vision and other replies since..im all for it.

There IS a ressurection and a rebirth.

Without death..there is no ressurection true?

Only that which is dead can ressurect.

Only that wich is born dead can be reborn alive..true?

So why are you trying to tear me to peices..when all along..I am just trying to focus on love and mercy and forgievness and character growth?

Do these things offend you?

Are you upset at me because I am not endlessly fighting about laws and ramming do's and donts down peoples throats?

Is it an offence of mine that I dont throw stones at the adulteresd because I too have sin?

Only those without sin are able to exceute judgment on people.

And I did not "Condemn" the pharisees..only what they did.

because how dare I condemn anyone jesus aske forgiveness for?

He said..OF the pharisees..the ones who had him killed 'FATHER FORGIVE THEM"...but he did not forgive their doctrines..only the people.

You see..their doctrines were not theirs..but the evil ones words and doings.

Doctrines of demons always lead to bondage.

The pharisees doctrines always lead to bondage.

The doctrine was not theirs..but satans.
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