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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle D D mama
Post Content
I am a grandmother and I am reading this thread. I have never made comments before on this forum but have seen it for years. Why do you celebrate Xmas if you have been with Yeshua? Surely if you know that name then you know he was not born on winter solstice but on Rosh Hashana much more likely bc it is said that he was born of a Virgin. Well, that is code for he was born under the sign of Virgo. Perhaps you missed something in your vision? Your message is a good one. Forgiveness is part of how we get the world healed. God made us to evolve to a higher place and most people are really not understanding they have a work to do. Yeshua said the work was vast and the workers were few. I applaud your willingness to be a messenger. It is a difficult task. Be sure you understand the message. In God there is no he or she. Love is the message and forgiveness is the way but you must understand that Yeshua as a Jew, from an Essene family would not teach us to blindly forgive evil. We must forgive the person but the deed must be brought before them. Better our speaking to them about their responsibility than just forgiving them and not confronting the deed. Did Yeshua not confront those who knew better and yet lived as they pleased? Would he have forgiven the moneychangers? The evil in his day he confronted and the ones he asked his father to forgive were not the ones who knew better. They were those who were in fact ignorant of what they were doing. Or did that happen? Was that really said? Did the occultist Sir Frances Bacon with his friend and fellow occultist and mason, John Dee who opened portals for demons to enter this world place those words in the new testament? I question all in order to know the truth and I suggest everyone on this thread question to know the truth. Each of us has the ability to know the truth within ourselves. Our very dna/rna is sending the messages from the Creator to us. The story of Jacob's ladder with the angels ascending and descending is the dna molecules and the angels are messengers. AHA! Science and Spirit must align to find out the truth. Visions can be spoken of by anyone. The vision that you were given OP is very creative and it may be factual. However, the fact that doom and gloom are the opposite of the God of the LIVING then why are there so many folks on here that are wasting precious time focusing on gloom and doom? LIFE IS A GIFT. Can we please create instead of destroy? Can we please focus on the solution and not the problem? Yes, we need knowledge, and we need wisdom to know what each one of us is called and chosen to do. The Kingdom of God is here. It is time to manifest that part of it we want to live in. Love and forgiveness works but not in a blanket acceptance of the violations that need forgiveness. If so then I suggest we all forgive God for God created good and evil, is that not so? Think for yourselves. Grow up and accept responsibility for the problems in your lives and do something to change it. Don't take no for an answer when you know that truth is on your side. ALIEVIATE FEAR. Activate Courage. Find like minded honest people of character to draw to your life and before you know it the problems will begin to disappear. I love everyone but I do not love everyone's choices. I have not found a way to forgive those who violate children who are so sick and twisted that they cause all to be affected. The solution is to turn away from them and let them alone to their own fears and see what happens. Focus on what you want to see in this world once you have seen what you don't want to have in this world. Does that make sense? For the record I have lived in Israel and been there many times. I have family who descend from the lineage of Aaron, Moses' brother. I have been to Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls are housed and I have been shown many things. I am not a righteous person. I am an honest expression of the Living God doing my best to find the solutions to OUR problems.
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