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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle D D mama
Post Content
OP, that was the best entry yet in my humble opinion. You put it out there and made it real. Thats the key really. Yeshua set the example of what we are to be. It isn't enough just to believe something. Only by living the example ourselves do we take on the full expression of what he taught.
His life had the most meaning and how he showed us to live. He was saying to us to examine ourselves and get it right. You are doing that and as you are doing that you are growing in the knowledge of why you are here and remembering why you exist. And the best is that you are sharing and reminding others of the truth. Thank you for that. You have helped one of my loved ones to open up to this and its a beginning.
IF I may share with you my situation, just a bit perhaps it will help others and help to support what you are doing. I have a grandson named Yoav. He calls me D D so thats why the name on the thread. I was raising my grandson with my daughter and my son and my second husband. Many things happened in our family and we have been attacked by others who wanted their selfish way and didn't want us to have this family unit. All my life I devoted to my family. I truly went above and beyond the parents of my generation to be as close to my children as possible and to give them the affection I didn't receive from my mom growing up. My daughter had this precious child and brought him to live with me when he was four months old. He lived with me until he was over five years old. She worked full time after he was sixteen months old and we supported her until then. The father of the child left her and didn't pay any support. I hold nothing against him really, he was just not able to be a husband and father.
Yoav was a joy to all of us. He had a naturally loving way about him from the beginning. My daughter said he is an easy to love model and he is sweet hearted. She was right. That was when things were the best she was saying this. Well, many things started happening after my son got in touch with his father. My ex was abusive and controlling and we learned to keep him away from us because there was no way to have a relationship with him. It was either nothing or all just as his mother had been. He never gave up. Sociopathic control freaks don't give up.
My daughter vowed her son would never go near her father who had violated her as a little girl. Thats another story.
Things began to get rough for us after my son contacted his father when he was in a very emotional state one night. From that point on it has been stressful and a struggle. We actually had all moved overseas so we could be away from his grasp. I didn't understand when I was young and met him that when he talked about things like Aleister Crowley that he had been involved in dark stuff. I didn't know who that even was. Well, eventually things got so difficult I had to sell my house and move to another state to find work.
My son had already left to find work bc he wasn't able to and my daughter was just making eight dollars an hour. My client base had dropped and it was all due to the economy.
So we moved to Texas. Life has been very hard here the past two and half years and little by little I have watched my daughter turning into another person. Long story short, she met a guy who had just finished his divorce at the time she was coming out of a break up and this guy is a control freak like her dad. He immediately saw she was vulnerable and got her to move in with him in less than two months. She started pulling away from me as soon as she started seeing him and little by little he had her and I at odds with each other. She has put my grandson through great stress and she refuses to speak with me. She has blocked my calls and she has called the police on me and on her brother. This guy is calling the shots and he got her pregnant in less than five months and they got married in November and her brother and I knew nothing about it. Her father was invited to the wedding and she is now having a relationship with him and nothing to do with me. I can't even begin to tell you the things I gave up for her through the years. And my grandson and I adore each other and she won't let me see him more than ten minutes at a time now and that is only very rarely when I can catch her without the husband. So my friends, I know sorrow and I know pain. I don't understand why this has happened. She won't answer me when I ask. She just told me over a period of months that she was done with me. The only thing I am guilty of is that I spoke the truth to her about herself and she didn't want to hear it. So if I had continue to enable her behavior I might be able to have my grandson where I could see him more. All I can do now is pray and search myself as I have been doing and keep forgiving as you say. It isn't easy at all. I would like to invite everyone on this thread to pray for my little grandson. I have seen her being abusive to him and I have seen the husband as well and he is telling him he has to call him dad and more things that I won't get into. My grandson told me that he cried all the time but he is starting to do better and not cry so much. He misses his family. It isn't me I am upset for, it is that precious child. We have to fix our world with the help of God for the children. Please whoever will let us put prayer requests out here for our loved ones and begin praying for those who need our prayers. My grandson Yoav needs protection and comfort and hope. He needs to be delivered from this situation. I cannot control her or the man she is with but I can pray that God will turn her heart to see what she has done wrong and turn it around or deliver my grandson from their care and into the care of the person who is most concerned for him and who will raise him to know God. My daughter doesn't believe in God really. The guy doesn't seem to have any morals and he has called me an old woman and told me I didn't know who I was messing with when I just tried talking to him about all this. He fears me and so he has made sure she won't be around me. Many people have said that she will be back to me and I pray that is true but I can tell you that I am just trusting God for all this because I could lose my mind over this loss if I didn't have a strong faith. But faith without works is dead. So I will be the first to ask for prayer for my situation. None of us has to feel alone if we have each other to help in prayer. Thank you and God bless.
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