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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Ryan
Post Content

If You serve God out of FEAR because he will burn you alive forever..you are NOT loving HIM..you are only loving yourself..because every word you say..and thing you do..is NOT done out of LOVE for him,,which is what he requires..its done ONLY to save your own backside from the flames.

If that is your main focus and motivation..you have not had a revelation of His grace as yet.

You will though.

Not too long ago..bout three years ago..I too went around screaming out doom and death and torment. I didnt see anyone respond..and those that did..didnt last long. their HEART was not in it because they ONLY "Repented" as an act of self preservation...NOT because they actually LOVED the lord with all the heart and all their soul and all their strength..AS he requires.

If yu are serving God out of fear...you are doing it for the WRONG reason..and GOD KNOWS the heart..he knows if you really LOVE Him.

And he is not a blackmailer..so why keep using blackmail to try to win people?

Thats what the pharisees were so good at. never GOOD news..only BAD.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17104373

You like to twist peoples words, he not saying he serving God out of fear he pointing out that harsh words are used to save souls and that your newager approach is not going to save souls because you dont understand cause have pride. Fact is all those in Heaven even though they Love God also Fear God.

Fear of God is respect of Gods power, those whom don't fear God are with pride and arrogance. the world is evil and mankind shall reap as they have sown, great shall be the mourning in coming years and what ye think is hard that ye been through is nothing to what you will be going through soon.
 Quoting: spiritoftruth111 33441012

What..you mean the boils and agony and such that you warned about?

Is that Gods way or FORCING me to love him? If I Love God it is because I WANT to because he first Loved me..and poured out His Blood on the cross when I DIDNT deserve it..HIS GRACE..and that He took uppon himself MY punishment that I should have recieved for MY wrongdoings.

But YOU reckon His sacrifice was not enough..that he has to BLACKMAIL people with threats and fear and terror and torture and doom and satanic excruciation..

Well..to be like the God YOU seem to worship..I might go find my self a woman I like..and stalk her and threaten to torture her is she refuses my offer of a date..

Men who do that are sick..but..seeing as YOU want to BE God..or just LIKE Him and use His methods and all..I can imgine you doing that as a way of winning a womans heart.

I feel sorry for you really..you have NO understanding of HIS GRACE..only torture and threats and agony and doom.


As for FEAR of God..yes..I fear Him..as in I respect him and Honour Him..but cower and grovel and cringe in TERROR of my wondeful loving Father??


If MY children cringed in terror and fear every time they were around me..it says something about the kind of ratbag father I am to make em fear and cringe.

But I love my kids and they know it..they RESPECT me yes..but they happilly cavort around me in sheer joy and love of their dad.

And our heavenly father is SO much more of a father that we could ever be.

OH how I cant wait till he shows you this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17104373

I don't think you are listening to what is being said I actually am the Jesus you speak of and have warned you directly for your own good, I have told you what heavens see ye as and others I've spoken too and told ye all reason why you need to repent. You are speaking from pride so devil uses your tongue to twist the intention of the WORD given. Ye do not understand Gods way we look at it from eternity not the moment of time man sees, the greater good always comes first. If people suffering agony on earth saves them from suffering agony forever, we will suffer that those events take place this does not mean we take pleasure in tormenting mankind we just allow it to occur because eternally it is beneficial to their souls.

The boils shall only come upon ye if you don't repent, before that time even arrives for the world mankind shall go through worst time in history, people will have to watch their own children starve to death this is only a small example of what mankind has brought upon them-self, the amount of evil that has occurred throughout all time is enough to open the mouth of Hell and before this world comes to it end it will open into the dimension of man. My focus is on saving the souls from eternal damnation if I have to suffer that karma 'reap as sow' comes back upon the world to do so I will, it is in my power to break the seals which bring forth the end time events and I tell you this soon I will break the seals, the Lion shall overcome all and shall break the seals upon the mount then woe shall come upon all nations and even Israel shall have hardship before being redeemed.

I saith unto ye to repent and let go of your pride it has overtaken ye like weeds.
 Quoting: God 33441012

I think God knows how to write in english properly.
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