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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Praying for SOT
Post Content
SOT, and all the other names you're using, we need to settle this once and for all.

I will ask the following questions - and even as our Lord Yeshuah listened carefully to ALL, and answered ALL, ignoring NONE, from prostitutes and lepers, tax collectors and the rich, the spiritually and physically unclean, the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin, the Seekers and the wavering (Nicodemus), and the called and the prodigal children...... The Lord NEVER EVER refused to answer DIRECTLY and with LOVE and in a way that, to use HIS WORDS, a CHILD Could Understand.

Therefore, Proof or Failure #1:
1. You must answer directly, clearly, non-evasively, completely, and in a way a CHILD could understand -- as Yeshua Himself even stopped using parables & SPOKE PLAINLY when the Unlearned, True Seekers (Nicodemus) could not comprehend and even when the Pharisees did not grasp His meaning. Yeshuah IS THE WORD MADE FLESH and THE LORD, THE LORD IS ONE...ONE!!, So the Father, The Son/The WORD, and the Holy Spirit ALL SPEAK PLAINLY SO THAT YOU MUST BECOME AS A ***LITTLE CHILD*** to know Him. Therefore, if you continue to speak in nonsensical ways, or even ways which cause others to REQUEST/ASK you to be PLAIN (Tell you that you do NOT make sense), and you fail to immediately Change your manner of speaking just as The Lord did (look in the Real Word of the Lord), then you FAIL the test from the start because that ALONE proves by the WORD OF THE LORD that you are NOT Him. {Therefore, Answer This - and so a CHILD could understand it.}

# 2. You must agree that The Lord is PERFECT. Perfect in every way and does not make mistakes. Right? Right. No dispute.

Then how coud you possibly be The Lord and make even ONE spelling error or grammatical error, or even typo and STILL be Perfection Itself? YOU CAN'T. It denies the very character and essence of The Lord and there is No excuse. none.

If you absolutely require me to go back and count all the spelling errors, grammatical errors, typos and other mistakes in your posts I will, but actually JUST ONE Proves that you aren't The Lord, PERFECTION Personified. {Therefore, Answer This - and so a CHILD could understand it.}

You cannot. So.... Game Over.

The Lord Yeshuah, the Living Word, says He CHANGES NOT.
He is the SAME - THE SAME! - yesterday, today & forever.

The Lord Yeshuah and our Father Jehovah says He is NOT THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION ....but that SATAN, the Enemy of God & His people, **IS** THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION.

1. The 'Heavenly Language' of The Lord is NOT 'Ye Olde ENGLISH' from the time of King James. That is laughable and it Blasphemes our Lord and Father of all Creation....ALL Creation - not just English-speaking Merry Olde England! If ANY known language is "THE" language of The Lord Almighty it is HEBREW!

{Answer This - and so a CHILD could understand it.}

He is the same yesterday, today and forever:
2. The Lord has always spoken so that ALL who hear Him, hear Him in their NATIVE LANGUAGE.

{ Answer This - and so a CHILD could understand it.}

3. Therefore, The Lord Almighty would NOT, according to His INERRANT LIVING WORD, come to an AMERICAN Website, based on and using TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY ENGLISH, and use ARCHAIC, *****CONFUSING**** (and might I add very poorly done/with many gross errors), NO LONGER USED, Highly Limited and Time & Region specific Language that barely ANY of His precious children will understand. Honestly, if you had typed out individual translations of all the major languages of the world, using all the correct and proper dialects and colloquialisms or every single sentence, THEN, and Only Then, might a FEW have possibly believed you.

{Answer This - and so a CHILD could understand it.}


I could keep going, but why complicate matters.

Just as we have the terms and parameters for determining Prophecy - whether or not it is from The Lord, or instead from a seducing spirit, the Enemy or the heart/will/mind of a man......we have very CLEAR PARAMETERS for Determining "Who is The Christ"....for in the Last Days many False Christs will arise claiming to be Him....HEED THEM NOT!

SOT....we heed you NOT.

And now I say to the person/s posting as Spirit of Truth, "God", "Jesus" & the like, in The Name of The Lord Almighty, Yeshuah Ben Jehovah, that we pray for your salvation but rebuke your BLASPHEMY against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and rebuke your further derailment, confusion and lies - in the Name of Yeshuah Jeus you will not post these things again.

May The Lord of all creation have Mercy upon you, opening your eyes to the Truth.
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