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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth111
Post Content
God does not answer to demands of devils seeking to plant the seeds of evil in hearts on others, many sought proof and were not given it even the people whom knew Jesus the most they of his own town he grew up were given no signs when demanded, nor shall ye be given any signs. Many have prayed for signs and been given nothing, many have said if I could see but one sign I would believe, behold many even saw signs and didn't believe and many whom did believe for while turned against us when we were arrested of man for committing no crime.

They whom are mine shall know me just by mine words and the second death shall hold no power over them. Many have claimed to be me but their is only one me, and many more shall claim to be me in future. I answer not to those whom tempt God whom seek proof I shall reveal mine power unto the meek and humble in mine own time not by demands of men.

The Wrath shall be proof enough and that is the only sign I am willing to give the wicked, I need not prove myself to devils those whom see not truth remain in darkness and lies. This medium allows me to speak in my full awareness and not contradict my prophecy of the false Christs. Let the events to come be witness of whom thou offends, may ye all repent and ask forgiveness unto Heavens so ye may avoid the greater condemnation of the Second Death.
 Quoting: AlmightyGod 33441012

I have an urge to warn you one last, and final time.

I'm trying to help you.

If you don't wake up from your delusions, thinking your Jesus.

You will need to answer to the true God and the true Jesus, during judgement.

There's still time for you.

But there's a time, where it'll be too late.

Wake up from your delusions, before it's too late, and before judgement, and you will have to answer to the true God.

I'm here to help you.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31324993

I give ye warning they whom can not know the Light when light has given them the truth shall not be welcome in the millennium to come but shall fall and be taken by the adversary and remain in torments of underworld until the final seal is broken.

Oh ye wicked and selfish generation how much longer must I tolerate ye, behold I saith unto ye that the cup which was taken for eons shall be given back and woe unto the sinner whom remaineth in filthy garments. All shall reap as they have sown.

Repent ye whom are overtaken by serpents before thine own words come back upon ye.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth111 33441012

If anyone needs to be worried about being overtaken by anything sot its you.

Now you devil inhabiting this person..I command in the name of Yeshuah that you depart now and never return. Set this person free from your binds. I declare sot forgiven and cleansed and free and whole and declare freedom to the mind and body and spirit.

I also decree total forgiveness of all past wrongs in the name of Yeshuah.

SOT..you are FREE..all you have to do is reach out and accept it.

Its now up to you.

DO you want freedom and peace?

Yes..I know you are a troll too..I know all about you sot..you are role playing and so caught up in it now, you have become what you pretended to be in your mind.

its over now..you are free and whole and FORGIVEN.

You can put the keyboard down now..and you dont have to fear..the Lord loves you..he has forgiven you..IF you will but accept it.

I have declared you FREE..just accept it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16859882

A day shall come ye shall know I was telling the truth and in that day ye shall tremble for ye shall not find thine-self counted as mine sheep. For how be it a sheep knows not it Shepard, behold I come for those whom are mine. The title Christian does not promise salvation, ye must be of a specific spirit condition so ye are on correct path, otherwise in eyes of God ye be a hypocrite and counted with the wicked.

Woe unto ye thou has repeatedly tempted the Lord and insulted the good spirit, knoweth this that consequences shall come upon ye in near future. Many shall be refused entry into Heaven at first for they were not found worthy, they must prove themselves, ye would be lucky to even be counted as those to remain in the Millennium.

The days are coming that this evil world shall reap it reward and great shall be the consequences thrust upon mankind, for from the beginning of time until end their has been no other world in all mine creations that has committed so much evil. Mankind shall be punished for God will leave them and any protection given of God and blessings shall be taken with us, woe unto the nations of mankind in those days for ye have chosen evil and evil shall rule ye with great wrath shall it rule ye. And I shall suffer it for time that the Devil has full power over the earth even those whom speak in mine name, and this shall be mankind's final test and they whom endure and overcome whom come out of the tribulation clean shall inherit mine kingdom in it time appointed.

I saith again to repent before every word that has been spoken is fulfilled. The serpent has many mouths he speaks through, ye being one of them.
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