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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Any thoughts on the new pope, or on obama visiting Jerusalem, 6 days before passover just like Jesus?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8407446

Yes actually..but only what Lord yeshuah warned me about directly.

I can speculate..but what he TOLD me three days ago was this..

I was awoken at 4:44 in the morning with the words "SYRIA..TREACHERY...BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE"

Now..I dont know whats going on over there nor did I know Obama was going to jerusalem..I tend not to watch the news and stuff because it can cloud and ifluence what the lord tells me direct.

Well..thats what he told me direct..so make of it what you will...you know more about the details of this visit than me.

But something to do with Syria..and a betrayal and treachery..someone is working underhanded..aometing will happen.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16859882

Just speculation.

With Syria, we're essentially supporting the 'rebels' who are composed primarily of Sunni Muslims. These Muslims, are already attacking and killing Christians in Syria.

So there's a good chance in the future, that these 'rebels' we're supporting will definitely betray us, in the future.

So why are we doing this?

Again speculation.

Iran, a primarily Shia Muslim nation, are allied with Syria, and Assad who's an Alawite Muslim (this is a branch of Islam, that's closely related to the Shias).

There's of course a saying, an enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Sunni Muslims hate Shia Muslims, and vice versa.

Now, both Sunni and Shia Muslims hate Christians, and the US.

So regardless of which side you support, you're still supporting an enemy that despises you.

So the Syria situation to me, is almost like the show survivor.

You may temporarily ally with an enemy, to take out someone. But once this common enemy is gone, you then eventually have to turn against each other.
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