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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle ParadigmShift
Post Content

Yes yes Jonnathan.

We all know that dooms are coming. In fact you have taken every word of warning I have given and proclaimed them as your own and then twisted them up into some sort of demonic new age mish mash of subtle trickery. You do not have an original thought in your head or hear from the Lord, so you take the words of those who DO, to try to win recognition for your delusions by adding TO them your own person spin and demonic lies.

Every post you have ever done has been a spirtual THEFT..and whats worse you blaspheme God and bring reproach on his name by CLAIMING to actually BE him when all along you are lying and stealing and refusing any sort of correction at all..either done IN love or in sterness.

You have hardened you heart to gain recognition for your own lies..and satans lies.


You have no idea whats ahead...you just borrow words from others and make them out to be YOURS or the LORDS...and this is EVIL.

WHEN are you going to make a STAND against that foul spirit that controlls you John?

Its up to you really..I know you have had your heart twisted up with schtizophrenia and such..I lived with a schitzophrenic for three years..I KNOW what they are like and how utterly convinced they are over their "Voices" and delusions.

But that man is fine now and recovering and really loves the Lord with all His heart...because I kept trying to help him..as I will you.

The more you keep coming here to this thread..the more help you will get.

Sometimes I will be stern with you..other times..speak with gentle words..but either way..your barriers WILL COME DOWN..because I am addressing NOT just you..but that evil spirit that seeks to make itself LIKE the most high.

So..keep coming back..your demonically inspired words have NO effect on me..because I see them for what they are.

Deep down..under the delusion..you KNOW who you are..but pride..and pain..and the need to be noticed always win out.

Pride BREEDS pain..and pain breeds pride..so you speak..and allow that spirit TO speak..to cover the agony you feel deep within as you battle inside.

Just put an END to this demon John..YOU have authority OVER it...and if you stand against it..yes..it will go nuts on ya..but thats because demons HATE truth and dont like having their lies exposed.

And with each and every post you do from now on..I WILL expose the lies this thing tells through you.

Until YOU take up the fight yourself..I WILL stand in the gap for you..and help you defeat this evil thing.

So get ready for a battle..your heart is at stake..as is your TRUE calling.

I AM your friend..and a true friend TELLS the truth to his brothers..and I will withhold NO truth from you OR that entity that seeks to be GOD.

YESHUAH is the TRUTH...and with HIS word..satan WILL be defeated IN you and cast out.

I cannot sit idly by and watch a brother get devoured like this.

So..I will fight..and battle FOR you..AS the lord leads..and together..that thing in you will flee.

You ready?

To be FREE?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18137766

I have prophecy many things over years long before this thread existed, just because you have guessed something which will happen and I actually know the month and day but will not say it, but your idea is close to mark doesn't make you a prophet the Devil is planning things himself and going to do things this year and evil spirits can use that to deceive people. Fact is this you are one of most full of pride people I have met, and pride leadeth to the fall. The Devil now speaks through ye and you know it not, but they with eyes to see can see his twisted tongue. He is using ye as a puppet on strings to try affect me, for he knows mine concern in heart for those whom he has led to speak against me.

I can say this to you you are in need of more help than you want to believe, and if you don't heed the warnings from the true Light, you will learn the hard way how misled ye truly have become for devil is after your soul. Again I say to you to repent for when I no longer speak to people online the end has begun.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth111 33441012

What YOU have done is collected everyones words YOU have read and claimed them as your own.

Ive seen you do it in this thread over and over and over...and other peoples threads over and over and over.

Someone will post a word and you pick it up..and claim it as yours. And then you accuse others of doing what YOU DO YOURSELF!

Time to stop your games now John.

And I have known whats coming for 28 years...been trying to warn people for 28 years..and NOW that its almost here you come along with your pet demon who you REFUSE to stand up to and start spouting everyones elses words and THEN caliming that NOT ONLY did the lord TELL you..but WORSE..that you ARE god HIMSELF.

Also ive seen many of your so called "predictions" from times past..NONE of them happenned. You have a LYING SPIRIT and your pride will NOT let you admit it.

Thats spirit IN you is going DOWN john. Whether YOU like it or not, because YOU are marked..and sealed..you just need healing and a real good dash of TRUTH.

You will face the TRUTH about yourself John..and you will be humbled..and returned to where you SHOULD be..because GOD..the REAL one..is NOT going to let you GO.

He LOVES you too much.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18137766

I admire how you respond to him. This take a lot of patience and love.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34688874

As I said a couple pages back only the true spirit of God can vanquish ego and pride.
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