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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Heaven shall not heed your prayers because you have offended God directly and in years to come ye shall have witness in what befalls ye. There is great accountability to hearing directly words from the Spirit of Truth and choosing to act as ravenous wolfs and vipers. It is ye all whom must repent for Heaven abides not with ye and ye shall know soon I spoke the truth. Let the woes to come upon ye humble ye unto repentance to avoid being forsaken.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth111 33441012

I think praying for one of God's children is not an offense. I heard your words spirit, there something substantial behind them, substance without form holds no jurisdiction. Let God's will control you, He is the master potter after all.

Let Him form you, and soon your substance shall take up a beautiful shape.
 Quoting: ParadigmShift

It is a offense when you are judging the Almighty God directly ye speak condescending, and think yourself wise and saved and in good favor, but you tread pearls underfoot. You insult me greatly and the warnings given shall be fulfilled for pride offends the Holy-spirit the most and ye though believe in me offend me because of your pride, I have given you more than one chance to repent to avoid consequences but ye shall not listen know that the suffering which comes next in the near future which befalls ye and yours is for your own good for it will help humble ye unto repentance so ye are not forsaken at final judgement. It would have been less if people had to listened but because they are in darkness they could not comprehend the light.

This goes for all of ye whom has judged, spoken against and thought incorrect thoughts against me, Isaiah warned that people would act just as ye all have in this time and he told people what would happen because of it. May all of ye repent and realize your errors.
 Quoting: AlmightyGod 33441012

(The first paragraph is mostly addressed to that CREATURE)

YE this..YE that..YE listen to ME thy GOD or be covered in BOILS..and I will proclaim and decreest DOOMS all over YE that I read somewhere elese and claim its MINE and that I am GOD ALMIGHTY and YE are just doomed sinners who are going to BURN because thou didst nottest HEEDETH unto my Impossible to understand BABBLINGS writtenest in 16th century eglisheth...

Typical religious demons speak.

I tell ya sot..everything that slimy demon is telling you to tell others is EXACTLY what YOU are doing yourself.

But I know its hard for you to see it because it has you BLINDED.

But there was one ting thet Yeshua seemed to specialise in when He was here..OPENING BLIND EYES.

When you meet him...YOU will see..and all this rubbish this creature is getting you to spout like some puppet...will be seen for what it is.

I for one cant WAIT to see the sort of warrior he is going to make of you. And also..because you HAVE been so battered by this thing..you will probably specialise in reaching others JUST as battered as you were.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18137766

Indeed, he will be a great warrior once he stops understanding scripture with his mind and feel the truth with his heart.
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