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Message Subject I am the AC who wrote that vision I had when I was 15. I tuned 44 today. So it begins. Does anyone have any questions or need any encouragement?
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth111
Post Content

It is a offense when you are judging the Almighty God directly ye speak condescending, and think yourself wise and saved and in good favor, but you tread pearls underfoot. You insult me greatly and the warnings given shall be fulfilled for pride offends the Holy-spirit the most and ye though believe in me offend me because of your pride, I have given you more than one chance to repent to avoid consequences but ye shall not listen know that the suffering which comes next in the near future which befalls ye and yours is for your own good for it will help humble ye unto repentance so ye are not forsaken at final judgement. It would have been less if people had to listened but because they are in darkness they could not comprehend the light.

This goes for all of ye whom has judged, spoken against and thought incorrect thoughts against me, Isaiah warned that people would act just as ye all have in this time and he told people what would happen because of it. May all of ye repent and realize your errors.
 Quoting: AlmightyGod 33441012

(The first paragraph is mostly addressed to that CREATURE)

YE this..YE that..YE listen to ME thy GOD or be covered in BOILS..and I will proclaim and decreest DOOMS all over YE that I read somewhere elese and claim its MINE and that I am GOD ALMIGHTY and YE are just doomed sinners who are going to BURN because thou didst nottest HEEDETH unto my Impossible to understand BABBLINGS writtenest in 16th century eglisheth...

Typical religious demons speak.

I tell ya sot..everything that slimy demon is telling you to tell others is EXACTLY what YOU are doing yourself.

But I know its hard for you to see it because it has you BLINDED.

But there was one ting thet Yeshua seemed to specialise in when He was here..OPENING BLIND EYES.

When you meet him...YOU will see..and all this rubbish this creature is getting you to spout like some puppet...will be seen for what it is.

I for one cant WAIT to see the sort of warrior he is going to make of you. And also..because you HAVE been so battered by this thing..you will probably specialise in reaching others JUST as battered as you were.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18137766

I don't think you understand I am God and already communicate with my kingdom which is Heaven. If you continue to show your wickedness and pride ye shall not gain entry into the kingdom of Heaven and if you do not repent you shall be taken into the Outer Darkness, which is not a fate I wish on any but it is what occurred to all whom would not repent. You have angered the heavens with your continued posts and the consequences of those actions shall soon manifest in your life, may ye be humbled by what comes and repent. The Devil has already overtaken ye and thou evil fruits have revealed the longer you have spoken against me, the cover of love only deceives those in darkness. Ye are not of Love but use it to deceive others so ye may be portrayed in a good light but deep within are in darkness, in mine eyes and Heavens ye are evil.

Therefore repent.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth111 33441012

SOT..seems anyone who sees through your games and exposes you is evil.

But that false spirit in you would say that wouldnt it.

You want people to notice you and heed you and bow to you as you sound your endless trumpet of "Give me attention"..and then cursing others with threats of hate and doom and punishments because they speak in love and help others and dont try to draw attention to themselves.

I started this thread to help and encourage people..to heal the broken hearted..to bind up the wounded..to heal peoples hearts.

You come one here and hate it..you hate any kind of love and any kind of healing and the jealousy you feel is obvious to all. You are not getting attention..the religious spirit in you craves it so much..to turn people away from the TRUTH.

You then curse others for what you do yourself.

You are being a first class hypocrite and anyone who reads your words to me and others from a few pages back to the present can see at a glance how you twist words and try to accise me of being exactly what you are..how youhave taken the warnings the Lord gave me and claimed tham as your own but you twisted them into some sort of new age ribbish and claimed to be GOD himself.

SOT..what I say to you is always to open your eyes..to help you SEE..before that thing totally rules you.

I know you have abattle going on but you lack the strength to overcome your need for attention. I know how this took place..I know why it happens..and the ONLY way to brak it is to be told the truth..again and again and again..till the shell of lies and stubborness craks and finally falls apart.

You will be faced with this truth personally very soon..and then you will see.

We and many others are praying for you sot..for your freedom and release from this thing that keeps you bound and spouting blashemies and lies. But its up to you to fight it as well. STAND UP sot and FIGHT!

YOU CAN WIN..just trust yeshuah..HE WILL release you from these demonic lies and blashpemies.

Just turn to him..and YOU repent..because everything you are accusing others of you are so OBVIOUSLY doing yourself.

You must FIGHT IT! Yeshuah will back you up..JUST START FIGHTING!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18137766

Satan can not deceive God. A day shall come that my very voice shall shake the earth saith then I be not God...pray for yourself for when these words have all been fulfilled ye shall surely know whom ye speak against. Now I leave the thread for now and site for have things to do which can not be spoken.
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