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Message Subject If you were "The Nobody"... What would you do? Are there any offers out there to the Nobody? Where does he go if he wanted to emerge?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Nobody is a real-life urban Legend...
Let just say he is The wildcard or the master key... The real deal.

Suppose he doesn't quite fit into church ... Let's suppose he's never been to church / or from that "walk of life" ... although he walks "the noble path" and can appreciate that.

Suppose he is just not into or fond of the idea of joining a Secret Society...

Or; doesn't want to get sucked into religious stuff in general either...

Suppose ... he wants to help all ... but isn't an extremely effective communicator for youtube and such ... likely to be overlooked / ineffective.

What would you do?

Like where does the nobody go; suppose he wanted to emerge?

... join the 100 other nobodies on here?

Would the church even welcome the nobody? ... It's said he is more of a teacher than a student ... where would he fit in anyway? What if he wasn't equipped with the power of preaching and knows only the basics of religion.

Real questions looking for real answers ...

The nobody I'm sure would like to at least know his options suppose he was ready to emerge...

Would "other" countries welcome the nobody? ...

Let's suppose he was financially unstable and needed a place (a unit), internet , food ... and a bit of weed along the way.

Is there any offers for the Nobody?

(Also feel free to send a private message.)
 Quoting: TheMotherbrain

i'd ask Dwight Nathan Winnett to sing him a song

Dwight says...

"Don't care to hear 'em play a tango
I'm in no mood to take a mambo
It's way too early for the congo
So keep on rockin' that piano"

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