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Message Subject If you were "The Nobody"... What would you do? Are there any offers out there to the Nobody? Where does he go if he wanted to emerge?
Poster Handle Someone....
Post Content
He will appear when it is DARKEST and ALL HOPE appears LOST.

He LOVES Humanity the way a Father looks at his first born for the first time.

Where one would see a problem, He see's the essential cry for correction from One who KNOWS what it is to BURN, as in daily life struggles and loss.

He knows what it is to cry after defeat of personal trials.
Yet He rises because THAT's what makes Him the Nobody.

He waits patiently now because He was forced to be seated by those who KNOW that when YOU lay your eyes upon Him, you will melt inside and be inspired to rise like the Phoenix from your own personal tragedies. He, The Nobody has frequented many pages on the net including this site.

The Nobody finally learned to wait and trust The Source for that GREEN light to GO!!
His devotion to us all is unmatched and there will be no mistaking WHO He Stands FOR! YOU.

The Nobody is The Champion of The Underdog. A hopeless romantic and in Love with the vision given Him at a very young age. He will share it with us all.

It was written by an White House Insider that Obama obsessively searches night after night on the news and where ever he can looking for his opposite, as Obama is KNOWN yet the Nobody makes them wait.

When The Nobody Stands for you, you will know it and so too will the entire world. He is in love with the future that WILL BE because deep down inside us all, we are cheering Him on in our collective heart of hearts. I love you Mr. Nobody and will aid you as best I can should the time arrive and our eyes meet.hfbumphfhappyheart
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