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FDA Approves Neurotoxic Flu Drug For Infants Less Than One

Mordier L'eft
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12/27/2012 08:10 PM
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FDA Approves Neurotoxic Flu Drug For Infants Less Than One
Whereas the flu is self-limiting, the FDA's capacity for bad decisions is not...

The recent decision by the FDA to approve the use of the antiviral drug Tamiflu for treating influenza in infants as young as two weeks old, belies an underlying trajectory within our regulatory agencies towards sheer insanity.

Tamiflu, known generically as oseltamivir, has already drawn international concern over its link with suicide deaths in children given the drug after its approval in 1999. In fact, in 2004, the Japanese pharmaceutical company Chugai added "abnormal behavior" as a possible side effect inside Tamiflu's package. The FDA also acknowledged in its April, 2012 "Pediatric Postmarket Adverse Event Review" of Tamiflu that "abnormal behavior, delirium, including symptoms such as hallucinations, agitation, anxiety, altered level of consciousness, confusion, nightmares, delusions" are possible side effects.

Recent animal research on Tamiflu has found that the infant brain absorbs the drug more readily than the adult brain,[ii] [iii]lending a possible explanation for why neuropsychiatric side effects have been observed disproportionately in younger patients.

[link to www.greenmedinfo.com]
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Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/27/2012 08:31 PM
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Re: FDA Approves Neurotoxic Flu Drug For Infants Less Than One
Also from the article you quoted:

"Infants do not yet have a sufficiently developed blood-brain barrier capable of keeping the chemical out of their rapidly developing brains.
Their detoxification systems are not sufficiently developed to remove the chemical rapidly enough to prevent harm
The FDA's decision to include infants under one as treatable with Tamiflu is all the more disturbing when you consider that a 2010 study published in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal found that of 157 evaluable infants (mean age 6.3 months) treated for influenza with Tamiflu, complications due to the medication were found in the majority (54%) of the treated group.

According to the study
Complications were recorded in 84 patients (54%), the most serious of which were meningitis in 1 infant (1%), pneumonia in 9 (6%), and otitis media in 2 (1%)."

Will this insanity never end? I do so hope that parents inform themselves before administering this drug, or any drug. I really don't know how the FDA can do this.