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Message Subject Why do GLP women Change Their Avatars?
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
 Quoting: Indysmindy

"Many of us are happily married and do not flock to facebook nor have the desire to be stalked by less than mediocre men who cannot think with the head on their shoulders."
- Silver Patriot

Agreed! Reminds me...I need to change my avatar! Plus, we're paid members, it's cool to be able to change our avatar, since that's one of the benefits of membership so why not use it!
 Quoting: SilverPatriot

I have used a photograph of my Anatolian Shepherd as my avatar for a while now and thinking of using my St. Bernard or one of one of my cats as my avatar. Why I have even used photographs of some of the birds or critters that frequent my feeders and personally, what a person has to say is what captures my attention admittedly I do appreciate seeing new avatars.
 Quoting: Krystal

Your Shepherd is so beautiful. :uyt:

Thank you, he is a rough coated Anatolian Shepherd, and currently 19 months old, at last measurement was 32 at the withers and 118.5 lbs, and when mature will be around 150 lbs.

He still looks like a puppy probably due to his long hair people are drawn to him like a magnet however, they have to be formally introduced to new people before he warms up.
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