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Message Subject Moon looks so bright tonight.
Poster Handle Da fuq
Post Content
Anyone else have a good view of it tonight?

Almost hurts your eyes if you stare at it long enough.

This is now the 5th night the moon has had some kind of odd glow to it.

First the MSM said supermoon, and last I checked its something about ice crystals now.
 Quoting: Da fuq

Waddup da fuq, nice threads and replies youve had the last couple days. This moon shit is kind of bugging me; out here in socal its been hella bright the last week plus its had the halo ring thing, i think its kind of "far out" that these "ice crystals" happen to be causing this phenemona in so many locations... Its cool though, at least peoples eyes are finally back up to the skies, at least now they might see whats coming before it hits them.
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