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Message Subject Moon looks so bright tonight.
Poster Handle el
Post Content
Since its being seen worldwide the only explanation that makes any sense is that the sun is burning brighter.

A few nights ago when they said "supermoon" The moon was barely over a quarter. Now days later its Ice crystal.

How many lame ass excuses can you make up for sheep until a light bulb goes off.
 Quoting: Da fuq

Just like that "polar streak" of chemtrails in florida lol? Yea the fuck right.

I think youre on to something with the sun burning brighter; we've been in a few solar threads together and you can definitely tell the veracity of "certain" (cough cough geomagneticcocksuckerstorm) people that are really trying their hardest to make it seem like nothing is going on with the sun; obviously something is going on with the sun. Now the moon. Guess that makes us moontards then, huh lol :$?
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