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Message Subject Moon looks so bright tonight.
Poster Handle Da fuq
Post Content
[link to www.youtube.com]

Pane Andov...youtube

SOCAL here..moon sooooo bright, I cannot look at it very long...almost like the sun

watch this video...it explains it all!
 Quoting: saturn12

Only problem I have with that theory is the one crop circle supposedly depicts the way Pluto will look in orbit around 2033 or something. I do believe a energy of sorts is interacting with the sun though.
 Quoting: Da fuq

That really has nothing to do with what he is talking about,
watch the videobump
 Quoting: saturn12

He thinks the sun is going to go into a pre mature red giant phase due to interaction from the gamma ray bursts from the center of our galaxy I already know. Then he ties into the crop circles saying by march or something expansion will be complete.

I'm not saying its b.s I actually like him, he never said shit would happen on the 21 or 23rd. That was just fear mongering bs interpreted by the lesser evolved. I know we ended a cycle.
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