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Message Subject Y'all are gunna be mighty confused in a few hours time
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

If you went back in time, everything around you would too.. so any notes would have never of existed.
 Quoting: FTM

Put the note in an old notebook you had back then and it will be there.
 Quoting: goldi

Nope, you'd have to write the note immediately after the "moment of confusion", while it still all makes sense. but the problem is, a few hours later when you return to the note, it won't make any sense cause it'll have no context. "Why the hell did i write down a girl's name, a subject, something about sandy, and some random event that's never happened to me?"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26851286

Haha OP you are killing me! I really hope your a troll man!
 Quoting: Mr. HypGnostic

Well I promise you i'm not trolling, but the absurd humour in all this combined with the creepy, eerie and ridiculous amount of (all the while unbelievable) sense it makes should reveal that god's a troll ;)
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