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Message Subject Y'all are gunna be mighty confused in a few hours time
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was actually discussing about memories, deja vu's and time. i have been thinking about past events, though this is normal. i don't remember being here before, this date. i do feel deja vus occasionally, like i've been in the same scenario before which i recall as some sort of dream. i have been through mystical experiences where i can feel the absence of time and a deep connection with everything around me, but it has all been chronological, no missing memory that i know as well.

i feel something is happening, for sure. i can't quite touch it.

it's hard for this world to surprise me even more with all the things i've figured out. this is a crazy place and situation to be in.

if i have the chance to transcend i would choose that. i'm ready to take the next step.
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