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Message Subject Y'all are gunna be mighty confused in a few hours time
Poster Handle Nicolemare
Post Content
This would really suck for babies that are turning 1. They are just starting to figure out the world, then bam - back to being born again.

What happens for people who have already died?
 Quoting: samanthasunflower

That's a great time to be a baby! figuring out all the world - ok done, let's do it again from scratch ;)

If they died before last year, they never actually existed :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26851286

OP, Please come back!!! I have a few questions about what you mean by this as to I am confused by what you mean "never existed"...

Back in JULY 2004 I had a Near Death Experience (N.D.E.) where I went to a place described below, by AC... talking about a moment of "zero-point time", where I had an ecstatic merging with the Infinite Creator, who reminded and reassurred me of who and what I really was. I remember watching a projection on a movie screen of my entire life and feeling out every single emotion attached to it and being explained in the most understanding way telepathically any questions I had. I also was given the oppurtunity to stay in this most beautiful place I was at or continue my life back on the 3D plane, which I chose for other peoples purposeses and not my own.

Many other events took place that were amazing but that is an entire different thread, so I wont go into more detail except that there was NO veil of forgetfulness placed over my experience with my N.D.E. rather I came out of it and was in a VERY CONFUSED state, having NO idea what I had just happened untill I researched more and realized I wasnt imagining things even though I knew I wasnt! lol

If they die before the reset-moment, they're already back at the start of the story :) the "brief moment of confusing" is basically being dead - and it lasts for the amount of time it takes for the story to play out, but feels the same length from any perspective, regardless of how early or late in the story they died.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26851286

Can you explain why I remember this happening back in 2004 and why we have childhood memories then? Since I had my N.D.E in July as opposed to December does that mean my "year" starts in July now?

This is what the OP is referring too...

''For those who do not physically "die" before the Great Harvest arrives, there will be a moment of "zero-point time", where you will enjoy an ecstatic merging with the Infinite Creator, giving you a wonderful reminder and reassurance of who and what you really are, before the veil of forgetfulness once again descends upon you, and you will be transported to the place that awaits you, depending upon whether you join us in 4th Density Negative (unlikely), Graduate to 4th Density Positive (possible), or go to another similar 3rd Density planet (for the "luke-warms") to continue in your learning for however many Cycles it takes you to Graduate to 4th Density Positive. Those in this category will not remember anything at the time of your transition, it will be just like nothing has changed, except you will retain the memory of your "zero-point" experience to encourage you. You will not remember the recent experiences of the Harvest in this life here. It just be as though you all had some mystical experience, and life will continue as 'normal' for you.''
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30756555

Also AC do you have any refference or link I can use that relates to this material? This sounds what I have experienced before with my N.D.E. which lead to my "spiritual awakening". Also AC do you agree with what OP is saying about this happening every year or so?

One more thing... Yesterday afternoon I had the MOST STRANGEST TIME ANOMOLY EXPERIENCE and then now I come across a few threads about 27/28 of December...

Here is what happened...

I had 1 sheet in downstairs laundry room washing machine which I had put in to be washed and while I let the water/soap fill up (with the top still opened I recalled), I took the laundry basket that was down there and went upstairs to grab the rest of my bedding to add to the load. When I got done taking close to everything off the bed, I suddenly felt an urge to lay down for a moment and take a nap!

Heres when it gets weird, The tiredness was overwhelming but comfortable besides the fact that I had to finish putting my clothes in the partially started load to clean.
As I lay there with my eyes closed I kept replaying this reminding myself Over and Over again that I this task to do and because Of this I wasnt able to completley fall asleep.

About 10 minutes I think went by and I heard my mom come up the stairs with my 4 year old daughter to give her a bath. With my eyes still closed and hearing them, I started thinking I was so tired that I would maybe ask my mom to put the rest of the laundry in for me. So as soon as I woke myself up to ask her this favor, I started to look around for my pile of sheets which I couldnt find ANYWHERE! I dont recall putting them in the laundry basket which I specifically brought up stairs for and the basket was still in the same spot in my room!

Immediatley I felt like something was "off"! I called out to my mom who was in the bathroom next to my rooom and she popped her head in and wanted to know what was going on becuase I had the most "confused" look on my face, she said!
I explained my sheets had just magically dissapeared! Of course she thought I was joking and told me I had C.R.S syndrome (cant remember shit) and that they were probably already taken down stairs by me and placed in the washer but I forgot! I told her No WAY because the basket was still in my room and I wouldnt have carried a huge pile like that down our steep stairs without a basket!

Sure enough I go down stairs to check and they are not only down there but already done with the first agitated cycle and starting to rinse! I couldnt believe what I was seeing! I dont remember carrying them down or even walking past my mom in the bathroom giving my daughter a bath and she doesnt either! Why do I immediatley remember, when I kept getting close to actually "sleeping", that I had this task to complete, which was actually preventing me from entirley "passing out"???

Is it possible that I was "reset"? Does everyone "reset" at the same time? Sorry for the long post and all the questions! This has sparked my curiousity because Of what I wexperienced in the past with my N.D.E. and of the events that took place just yesterday afternoon! hf
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