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Message Subject Y'all are gunna be mighty confused in a few hours time
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do I need to go to sleep first, then wake up a year ago?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9595622

Nope, doesn't matter if you're asleep or awake.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26851286


HERE IS my take on this thread.

OP is a teacher. This thread has many levels.


The 'time travel' loop 'plot' is a thought excersise designed to shake the reader from ordinary thought so that he may ( may) with luck become open enough to accept the real message OP is communicating and make a jump to the perspective OP is trying to make real in the readers mind. Or rather he is hoping not that the reader enjoys this CORE message on an intelectual level.... but rather that the reader actually gets to SEE the concept he is really trying to point out.
Experience it.
He is trying to take you to a state of awareness.

( or you could say you are trying to take yourself to a state of awareness - but more on this later)

If you have no idea what i am talking about yet i suggest you go back to page 1 and read every post made by OP.

Do not read every post as if it written by someone else though.

Read every OP post as IF YOU WROTE IT AS A NOTE TO YOURSELF. Read it in your own voice, imagine you are addressing yourself. That you wrote it to yourself.

Then it may start to become clear what the purpose of this thread is.

This way it seems apparent that the 1 year time travel loop thing is not only a metaphor, but also really a vehicle.

A vehicle to slip under the radar and deliver the following message to yourself, the fairly simple and very real truth ( that is extremely difficult to comprehend or grasp and be aware of) that as far as your experience goes - everyone and everything you experience is you.

The world is a mirror.

OP's time travel narrative and other parts of his posts also carry other messages that you mgiht be wanting to hear.

You'll know if you want to hear them because if you do you will listen to what they say to you.

But the real goal that he is trying to get you to see is that HE is not talking to you BUT THAT YOU ARE TALKING TO YOURSELF.

You are communicating with yourself.

And i don't mean this in a hippy new age BS way.

I mean this as a fact.

By reading OPs posts he is hoping the reader may realise that he is also the writer of the posts.

And from that, that he is the writer of any post he reads.

And from that, that everything is a communication and experience of himself.

The world and everything in it.

And i don't mean this is a hippy bs way.
( i particularly like that OP also avoids the airy fairy misunnderstandings - but then i would would I)

I could write a whole and large seperate post as to what the metaphor of the 1 year repeated is actually trying to convey, ( beyond just its purpose of being neccessary trojan horse to get the gates open) but i have to go to bed now.

ANyway i tip my hat to OP for pulling off the very very difficult task of laying out this thread in such a way that the reader may be able to communicate this particularly tricky concept and realisation to himself.

Because what what the OP is trying to allow the reader to communicate to himself he could just never come out and say.

Because their are all kinds of defences in place to avoid seeing what he is trying to get the reader to see. Even if the reader has seen it before or realised it before.

Hence the mind-bending and playful game was totally necessary. It was a trojan horse, designed to make you open the gates.

If you can see, plain as day, that you wrote this very post you have just finished reading, - OP's trickery succeeded.

..and you are now staring at the mirror, maybe for the first time.

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