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Message Subject Y'all are gunna be mighty confused in a few hours time
Poster Handle Zerubbabel
Post Content
Sounds like a rehash of the book "Dhalgren" by Samual Delaney? It was surprisingly similar to what is being talked about here about going back in time and reliving their lives, but in slightly different ways. The sun was huge in the sky and the "gay" reality that we see today all over the news was an everyday occurence (very novel for that time), and it was like everyone was caught in a groundhog day existence. It was a pointless story endlessly repeating. I recall at one point that every generation was all living at the same time--much like what you see in today's society with a wide variety of "era-copying" people, but in the book they were all literally from different time frames; yet they all were just accepted as "normal". Stange book to say the least, with no finale and no "statement" other than the state of things. I would never have believed that it could actually become the "norm" as it seems in today's world. I had trouble getting through some parts of the book because of its depiction (in far greater detail than was comfortable for me) of open expression of sexual things even between heteresexual and other "sexual expressions". Strange book for a strange world.
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