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gunownr shooting robber

User ID: 30995291
United States
12/27/2012 11:32 PM
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gunownr shooting robber
This just another example of the "dog bites man" news item. A homeowner actually shoots a robber and it makes the news because sit happens so rarely. The story does not prove that owning a gun will protect anything or anyone. The NRA is controlled by the gun industry. The gun industry takes over a respectable organization and changes its reputable public relations sector into a propaganda tool to sell fear and therefore guns. I repudiated any connection with the organization when the NRA went to the floor of the Senate to assert their second amendment 'right' to own talon coated bullets, opposed by every nation police organization in the country. The only civilian purpose of teflon bullets would to be to pierce the kevlar body armor of cops. At that time, in my sight, the NRA became nothing more than a criminal organization. Any moral Christian gun owner should quit the NRA NOW!