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lol, just a thought here

That Guy
User ID: 23740232
12/28/2012 12:15 AM
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lol, just a thought here
While watching the bullshit that some people call television, a thought came to mind during the never ending commercials.

Now I'm not into the heavy conspiracy shit, I see what we all know it is but nothing I can do about it so just for a laugh from a thought, I got a premonition from a commercial lol

It was that new Tom cruise movie, jack reacher or whatever and a thought came to mind thanks to the never ending forum hoggers on this website.

Since there has been an over played topic about event connections via tptb, do you think it's worth keeping an eye on Katie Holmes? That last name rings a bell and we all know how movies/programs displays messages..... Haha can't believe I'm saying it, but Tom seems to be putting on some sort of aggressive display and she seems to have "broken free" with the "goods"

I don't know, names match.... Bullshit timing with horrible past events. Surreal vibe going on like a realistically bad comic book. So I guess that's something for some of you 'decoders' to keep an eye on with coming cosmic events coming up or whatever the hell it is that we seem to believe in.

Cheers to everyone out there.
Just never mind the crazy bullshit happening wherever you are. Do your best to live and be happy before it all gets sealed down on us