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Message Subject Why do YOU think Catholics drink the blood of Jesus.
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Cannibalism is eating of the dead flesh of a human person. Christ is not dead, His flesh is not dead, and He is not a human person (He is a Divine Person). Further, when a cannibal eats human flesh that flesh is gone forever. Over the centuries Catholics and Orthodox have eaten millions and millions of pounds of the Eucharist, and yet Christ surely didn't weigh more than 150 pounds or so. How is this possible if the Eucharist is cannibalism?

The very charge of cannibalism, the eating of the dead flesh of a human person, denies the Incarnation, the Divinity of Christ and the Resurrection. Since we Catholics don't deny any of these things, we understand that the charge of cannibalism is nonsense.

As an aside, I got this out of a "Catholic Answers Forum", the transubstantiation which takes place during a Mass, IS said to transform the wine to the actual blood of Jesus, but since He is not dead then it is not cannibalism. Eating an alive person is OK. Somehow this does not make me feel any better. However another answer goes on to state there is a little Jesus in everything so it's all the same. So then I ask why make the "sacrament" of the Mass the focal point. The idea that actual blood of Jesus is in drank during communion is key. Why that.
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