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Message Subject Why do YOU think Catholics drink the blood of Jesus.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Why do YOU think Catholics drink the real flesh and blood of Jesus even though this is NOT how life from Son of Man is transferred. Plenty of bible quotes to oppose the notion of requirement of drinking real blood for the life sustenance.

Please no more Bible quotes I've read them all. Just please what do YOU think.

 Quoting: Mix 1430445

Participating in the Holy Eucharist is a gift from God.
It is one of the biggest gifts we have on earth today.
We can only participate in the Holy Sacraments given to us through Gods ONLY Church the Catholic Church if
God Himself invites us.

If God does not invite somebody, they may be led to one of the Abominable satanic cults, calling themselves churches. That way they can continue sinning and they can think they are saved. But as the Bible tells us all these abominations, are nothing but blasphemy to the Lord.
Hell will be full of these traitors to the Lord. (see Numbers 16).

The reason Israel failed and continually followed idols, and were destroyed by the devil is because they didn't have the Holy Catholic Sacraments, including participating in the Holy Eucharist. Even to this day they are being deceived as most others are because they reject Jesus, and reject His Holy Church, which He Himself established through the Apostles.

In reality they haven't rejected anything, it is God that has rejected them for their sins.
Very soon they will understand this. So unless they stop sinning and ask for forgiveness, God will continue to blind all these horrible workers of iniquity and their satanic cults they call churches.

People just need to do a basic google search on the history of their churches to see the truth, you will find that most churches have only been running for a few hundred years, and most have been set up because they refused to follow Gods teachings, and they wanted to continue sinning, so they just set up their own abomination cult, call it a church and end up going to hell along with all the blinded sinners that follow their evil and wicked ways.

They will die with their sins and burn in hell, because they have been rejected by God Almighty, who sees and knows everything.
The Lord cannot be unjust.

Robert Kochis I Am The Bread of Life

[link to www.youtube.com]

 Quoting: Son of Man

Israel controls the media that teaches Americans how to think, and you say Israel has failed and been destroyed by the devil...lol

The devil is as much a part of each of us as is God. If we deny part of our creation and thus part of the tools given to us, we deny God.

FYI - I follow a church of a sacrament that existed before hieroglyphs that teaches the truth of the knowledge of good and evil. Your basic google search of church history as legitimate advise is laughable.

Fortunately for you, there are enough Bible quotes in your post and programmed people in the world to back you up for you to feel secure in the lies of the shadow you walk in every day.
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