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Message Subject Why do YOU think Catholics drink the blood of Jesus.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Who said I watch TV?

My spiritual awakening came when I rid myself of it, for one thing.

Tie in the stories to the manifestation of this creation, my friend.

The Prince of Darkness, the Bringer of Light is but the black hole at the center of each galaxy. Through the influence of its power, the light is able to coalesce and shine through the manifested stars.

The Holy Eucharist is an endogenous tryptamine that brings with it the knowledge of good and evil, and your pagan Christian leaders have been purporting a lie for centuries to seal that power for themselves for selfish intent.

If you were right, which you are not, I would still be fulfilling my sacred purpose through what I teach. I don't pretend to know the Creator's intent in giving us that which is able to bring light to us. What I do know is that telling lies about the nature of what our Creator has given us is what has most of our world walking day-to-day through the hell of ignorance to the purpose of their physical lives.

You speak of threats of eternal burning in hell, but I have already made and passed through those fires. Perhaps you should as well so that you can be more than a muppet.

I have never struck a physical blow upon another person in my life save for the discipline of my daughters. I took it too far out of anger once, and that was the last day I will ever use physical aggression for intent. Later on, using my voice with ill intent came with the realization that doing so manifested nightmares of theirs. Ever since that day, there is always someone near to keep me calm when I get angry. I never had that grace before my daughters started showing all of you through their dreams the power my voice carries.

Maybe you should listen to those who know what they speak of instead of that book that has been twisted and misconstrued by the true evils of the world that keep you lying in wait for a fairy tale to save your soul.

You are the only one who can save you, and that's how the Creator intended it.
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