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Message Subject Why do YOU think Catholics drink the blood of Jesus.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's a question I've wondered about myself.

First a disclaimer: I was raised catholic and looking back on it the community I was raised in had some of the best people in my life. No naughty priests to be found, my guess is because there were really no orphans in our well-to-do community.

Anyway, I saw a TV show about a real-life human vampire cult this year. They were basically gothy red necks living in the south. They did all kinds of awful things including killing people. Eventually they got caught and went to jail. Then they decided to tell all to reduce their sentence.

I couldn't help but notice some surprising things about this group of psychopaths.

(1) They fiercely loved each other, mostly romantically but also in a brotherhood/sisterhood sort of way. (Doesn't the bible elevate love above all else?)

(2) They have absolutely no sense of humor. (Ever find a truly humorous passage in the bible?)

(3) Similar to the biblical teaching, they seemed to think drinking blood gave them supernatural aid. (The point of this thread.)

It's kind of eery to see the parallels between the characteristics of these modern day psychos and the worlds largest religion.
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