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Message Subject Why do YOU think Catholics drink the blood of Jesus.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Why do YOU think Catholics drink the real flesh and blood of Jesus even though this is NOT how life from Son of Man is transferred. Plenty of bible quotes to oppose the notion of requirement of drinking real blood for the life sustenance.

Please no more Bible quotes I've read them all. Just please what do YOU think.

 Quoting: Mix 1430445

Hi Mix,

Pray about it, ask Our Lord if He is truly present in the
consecrated host. Do not reject the most Holy Eucharist
any longer.

Jesus is getting Protestants ready to finally to accept the pinnacle of the faith, His presence in the Holy Eucharist.

Protestants rejected the Eucharist because they have no priesthood,no means to confect the Eucharist.

Notice, Amanda Leonard is a non-Catholic Christian prophet.
Our Lord gave her a message on January 10, 2013. He
says it, plain as day. It's been going on for some time
in prophecy (private revelation). Our Lord is correcting
the heresies and gently preparing Protestants to accept the
faith. Look to the Heavens, the Great Warning is "soon."

The first part of the message:

January 10, 2013

message to Amanda Leonard

While in the presence of the Lord, I went to another
realm during worship. I was singing what the Lord was
showing me, some was from a previous vision, most of it
was a new vision. I felt lead to write some of what I
remember singing, I’m sure it won’t be word for word but
you will get the idea of what the Lord was showing me and
others through these words from heaven. I first remember
singing…”Fill me up, Fill me up, Fill me up….take us on a
journey Lord.” I heard the Lord saying, “I want to show
you My garden, come and walk with Me, I want to show you
my table, there will always be enough, I want to show you
My glory, so much you can’t contain it! Just one taste
and you will never thirst again, My body your bread, My
blood your wine
.” I was in this place with the Lord,
this heavenly realm where time stood still, where ALL my
attention, all my focus/my gaze was on His face! I saw
myself walking with Him, talking with Him, eating with
Him and Him filling me until I was spilling out...

[link to www.openheaven.com] (prophecy)
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