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Message Subject Beatles
Poster Handle Norseman2083
Post Content
SOOOOO...lets talk about The Beatles....who was your favorite? why? and which song made you most emotional/ spiritual/ or other emotion?????
 Quoting: CelestialMaiden

John Lennon was the poet and the one who dared to talk against the politicians. He pointed out what is wrong in this world. He was the artist who used his voice to speak something bigger than himself.

Paul McCartney was the musical genious artist Who sewed it all together.

George Harrison was the musician and the one who brought the spirituality and religion into the band.

Ringo Starr was the one who made the floor for those three to dance on. Without him The Beatles as we know it would never be.

I can't choose between them. They're all unique in different ways. What was so unique with them all is that they managed to work together as a team.

When it comes to songs it's impossible for me to choose one, but if someone put a gun to my head and said "pick one NOW"..... I'd probably say "Let it be"

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