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Atmospheric Vortex Engine - Creating 'green' energy from Vortices / Tornadoes

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Russian Federation
12/28/2012 08:49 AM

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Atmospheric Vortex Engine - Creating 'green' energy from Vortices / Tornadoes
Good evening from melting Moscow everyone.

I caught another article from [link to www.gismeteo.ru] stating that some company in the United States of America has stated that they are developing some form of power plant that could harness the energy of a vortex Nyan'ing it's merry way through turbines. They even built a model to show off that Atmospheric Vortex Engine, which produces green energy using heated air!

Looks awesome to me. What are your thoughts about it? Are we eventually going to have green energy using this kind of power? Or will the government sweep everything under its rug once more? Where will the heated air come from? Thinking about all of this I get a vision of several power plants on the distant horizon, a roaring tornado spinning over each one of them. Rather scary thought if I may say so. Sure is better then fossil fuels and nuclear power though. Plus the revenue of stormchasing tourism I guess. Feel free to discuss!

YouTube Video should appear above. GLP doesn't want to cooperate today. But here is the original link [link to youtu.be]

Update 1: I made it finally work by pressing the 'Share' button under the video and copy-pasting the link!


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