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You and God Master Infinite Source

Being Mindful
Offer Upgrade

User ID: 30907980
United States
12/28/2012 10:18 AM
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You and God Master Infinite Source
Take him everywhere you go.
He is the reason for everything we do.
He truly is a giver.

For every good deed a positive action there is
also a reaction.

Every positive thought with intention and vibration
brings about a positive result.

What is it to ascend?
To many people look for outside.
But look within thats is where the ascension is.

All within.
Take that love you have for the Father and LOVE your neighbor.
Even with a compliment. Tell them thankyou for whatever.

We are all connected, we are eachothers mirror.

You want to be blessed?
Go bless another from the heart and really mean it.
Do we want to resolve some negative karma?
Start loveing and doing from an authentic heart.

Up and beyond is the way folks.

This world is a big blue orb, how about all the people who want to make a change create their own city? Lets create it.
We can do it? Don't you want this?

We can truly survive without money.
Its sad I know it takes money.
But if I had the money, that is what I would do with

I would get really smart creative people from all walks of Life and create it. Build a self sustaining society.
You know our spiritual big brothers and sisters are all around the earth watching? What are we gonna do?

So there is my dream that is what I would do if I had the means I would create the first self sustaining city to create Light and Life. ( Where spirituality and techonology are in balance)....
Being Mindful (OP)

User ID: 30907980
United States
12/28/2012 10:31 AM
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Re: You and God Master Infinite Source
God is giving us a second chance.
We all can identify with Lucifer.
We all have fallen.

Why do you think the story of Lucifer
is so engraved in our subconcious?

To implement forgiveness?
what is that for?

To not judge?
what is that for?

The only thing we can do is judge a behavior
is that not right?

We all know that duality keeps the illness going.

Our thoughts are energy.
Our intentions are desire to create.
Our dreams are for a better tomorrow.
Love is the real deal.
To Love a better vision for all, is giving and sharing love.
God's Love heals all wounds, and yes polarities are needed.
But we must not seperate them.

Yes we can and do and create how dark one has to go to learn.
Hopefully this planet can evolve up where our lessons will get better. That is the crux of it all.

How Low are we gonna go to realize that the change is within us. Have we learned enough?